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Gvantsa Phirtskhalaishvili

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Gvantsa Phirtskhalaishvili

Dentist – Orthodontist


2015-2017 (Russia) “the central research institute of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery” Specialization – orthodontist (resident)
2014-2015 (Russia) Moscow clinical research institute Specialization – general dentistry (intern)
2008-2013 (Georgia) Tbilisi state medical university, faculty of dentistry Specialization – dentist (bachalor’s degree)


2017 – till today… DENS – “dental clinic’s network” Dentist – orthodontist
2015 – till today member of Russian association of orthodontists


2019.2.01-3.01 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Prof. S. Popov’s workshop. Course – Evolution of achieving successful result, biomechanics in orthodontic practice: past and future.
2018.9.11 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Prof. A. Ermakov’s workshop. Course – treatment management of working with monolithic self-ligating systems. Principe of achieving aesthetic results in orthodontics.
2018.26.10 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Participant of paradontologic congress “Perio Tbilisi 2018”.
2018.27.10 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Prof. O. Arsenina’s workshop. Course – use of elasto correctors  treatment guidelines and indicators.
2017.12.05-14.05 (Moscow, Russia) – S. Frost workshop. Course – “orthodontics as art”.
2017.18.04 (Moscow, Russia) – J. Pliaskova’s workshop. Course – CT in orthodontic practice.
2017.15.03 (Moscow, Russia) – Moscow regional orthodontists association’s international congress.
2016.24.09 (Moscow, Russia) – Participant of 6th beginner orthodontists’ conference
2016.9.04 (Moscow, Russia) – Jean-Rene Van Becelaere’s  workshop. Course – the Principe of passive self-ligation.
2016.26.03 (Moscow, Russia) – prof. O. Arsenina’s workshop. Course – mesial distal occlusion treatment methods.
2015.15.11 (Moscow, Russia) – Prof. L. Mamedova’s masterclass. Course – occlusion concepts.
2014.17.01-17.03 (Moscow, Russia)- Moscow orthodontics school ORMCO – participant
2012.01.05-01.06 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – traineeship in A. Urushadze university clinic. Specialization – orthodontics.
2009.29.05 (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Georgian young dentist’s scientific conference II


e-mail :
+995 551596145