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Dental implantation is the most common and popular method of restoration of missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial roots implanted in the bone, on which a crown is then placed. Implants are made of titanium alloys, which are biocompatible with human bone tissue. In addition, they are completely inert and do not pose a threat to the body. It is possible to restore any number of missing teeth using implants.

DENS Clinic has been successfully implanting for 20 years already. The main partner and supplier of implants for the clinic is the Swiss company “Straumann”, which is considered the leader in the field of prosthetics. Straumann implants are distinguished by:

  • Remarkable strength and integrity thanks to the special material “Roxolid”;
  • A special “SLActive” surface, which ensures perfect retention of the crown;
  • Excellent contact and compatibility between the implant and the crown, preventing gum inflammation, as well as the crown from shifting or falling out.

The clinic also offers the opportunity to choose implants from other brands, such as Dentium, MIS, SGS, Breadent, etc.

Implantation planning is done with the help of computed tomography; surgical matrices (templates) can be used to perform the operation without incision and with maximum precision.