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Dens working hours

We remind you that it is possible to visit any Dens branch and receive the desired service during the specified times   To register for the procedures, call 0322 599 599

Dental treatment of adults with anesthesia

With the cooperation of Dens and Mediclubgeorgia, the doctors of Dens and Mediclub will provide you with full dental treatment of adults with anesthesia.   It should be noted that Dens has already introduced anesthesia treatment for both adults and children in its own services, and in this regard, representatives of our and partner clinics… Read More &raquo

Dens children’s office in I.Tsitsishvili’s new clinic

On the 25th anniversary of Dens, we present to you a new collaborative project – Dens children's office in I. Tsitsishvili's new clinic From now on, full treatment of children's teeth with and without anesthesia is possible in Dens office, opened in I. Tsitsishvili's clinic, where doctors with many years of experience from Dens and... Read More »

Teeth cleaning – AIRFLOW technology

  In Dens, teeth cleaning is possible using the latest AIRFLOW technology. AIRFLOW®️ is a revolutionary, non-contact form of dental care and prevention.   A controlled combination of air, water and cleaning powder removes plaque, stones and food particles even in hard-to-reach places without damaging the enamel and painlessly. At the same time, it is… Read More &raquo

Geoperio new project

Perio & Onko. The first large-scale meeting between periodontists and oncologists!

The EFP General Assembly

The EFP General Assembly was held in Vienna, Austria. Meeting was attended by DANS | DENS • დენსი dentist-periodontist Tatia Rokhvadze and Nino Datunishvili.

Paolo Casentini Visits DENS

Paolo Casentini paid a visit to the DENS • დენსი Green Budapest branch, where he discussed working cases with the DENS team, saw the clinic and exchanged information on future plans. Paolo Casentini is an implantologist, periodontist, orthopedist, practicing physician, author of scientific articles and the best-selling book “Soft Tissues and Pink Esthetics in Implant… Read More &raquo

Dens a network of dental clinics, won the “Leader Brand” nomination.

For the nineteenth recurrent year, Georgian Brand Day will honor successful national brands.

What’s so funny?

Network of Dental Clinics DENS • დენსი campaign ,,What’s so funny?” Telling us genuine and sincere emotions.

Ana Tavartkiladze, a periodontist of the DENS Network of Dental Clinics, attended an iTOP Teacher course in Prague.

The iTOP Teacher module is designed specifically for dentists who intend to conduct iTOP trainings for colleagues and students.