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Hello, we have discounts on holidays, which, most of the time, last for 2 weeks. We also have summer discounts.

When discounts are applied, the information is posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages; we also send our clients text messages containing the information about the current discounts.

The resident program is always active within which the clients benefit from a 70% discount in the therapeutic department and a 50% discount in the orthopedic department. To sign up for a consultation or for additional information, please call these numbers: 0341 25 57 55, 599 87 68 68, and 032 2 599 599.

Hello, the dental implant functions as a substitute for the root of the missing tooth. The implant is inserted into the bone, where the tooth was lost and after some time a permanent tooth is attached to the implant. Time is depended on which implant the patient decides to choose.

It is also possible to remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a dental implant and fix a temporary crown, all in just one visit.

We provide a variety of implants made in different countries:

1 MIS, ALFABIO, (Israel), SGS (Switzerland-Hungary) – 180 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Its abutment – 40 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Metal-Ceramic crown 250 Georgian Lari, Zircon-Ceramic crown 350 Georgian Lari.

2 Dentium (South Korea) – 340 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Its abutment – 70 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Metal-Ceramic crown 250 Georgian Lari, Zircon-Ceramic crown 350 Georgian Lari.

3 Bredent (Germany) – 330 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Its abutment – 70 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Metal-Ceramic crown 250 Georgian Lari, Zircon-Ceramic crown 350 Georgian Lari.

4 Schultz (Germany) – 330 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Its abutment – 70 $ (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Metal-Ceramic crown 250 Georgian Lari, Zircon-Ceramic crown 350 Georgian Lari.

5 Straumann (Switzerland) – 650 Euros (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Its abutment – 250 Euros (equivalent to Georgian Lari). Metal-Ceramic crown 250 Georgian Lari, Zircon-Ceramic crown 350 Georgian Lari.

Straumann implant gives the opportunity to fix the permanent tooth after 3 weeks after the insertion.

Straumann implants are made from Roxolid. This is a combination of Titanium and Zircon (Ti, Zn) alloys. It is distinguished with high density and biocompatibility. No other company makes Roxolid implants.

Straumann is also distinguished with implant surface processing technology SLActive, which means that the implants surface is active, hydrophilic; blood cells stick to the surface of the implant and the process of osseointegration (Connection of the bone and the implant) starts immediately. As a result Osseointegration time is decreased to 3 weeks, so in case of usage of Roxolide SLActive implants, permanent teeth can be created within 3 weeks after the surgery.

This is the greatest advantage of STRAUMANN.

Hello, yes of course, we perform complex teeth extractions; dental clinic “DENS” provides you with leading specialists in maxillofacial surgery and other departments. There are currently 5 Doctors of Science working in our network and 5 doctoral students. Every doctor working in dental clinic “DENS” is actively participating in post-diploma education programs, always take part in international conferences and symposiums and continuously elevate the level of their qualification. Every procedure in our dental clinic is conducted in conformity with European standards, be it the extraction of the 8th tooth or other manipulation.

Hello, Dental clinic network “DENS” has 20 years of experience in the field of dental implants. Implant experts in our clinic chain are: Giorgi Kochiashvili, Lali Kochiashvili and Davit Panchulidze.

Giorgi Kochiashvili – Doctor – Implantologist, M.D., member of American Dental Association (ADA), member of World Dental Federation (FDI), vice-president of Georgian Implantological Association.

Lali Kochiashvili – Doctor-Periodontist, President of Georgian Association of Periodontology. Maxillofacial surgeon, PhD Student at Tbilisi State University, faculty of Medicine.

Davit Panchulidze – Maxillofacial surgeon. Doctor Implantologist at Archangel St. Michael Multi-profile Clinical Hospital. Bachelor’s Degree, Tbilisi State Medical University.

Hello, yes we do. Dental clinic network “DENS” is equipped with modern digital technology equipment – Mouth cavity scanner, CEREC and CAD-CAM system. This increases the quality of produced veneers and reduces the working time.

Hello, the consultation with a doctor of any profile working in our clinic is completely free. Contact us in advance and let us know when you wish to visit. We will make an appointment with the doctor, which will save your time.

Hello, we have years of experience with brace-system treatment and doctors working in our clinic are the leading specialists throughout Georgia. We provide the following types of braces: Self-ligating braces, Metal braces, Ceramic braces and Transparent braces.
The treatment takes from 6 months to 3 years.

We also provide removable orthodontic braces. The orthodontist will suggest and explain the patient the treatment in details. Consultation is free.

Hello, this treatment is possible with 2 methods: one is composite teeth restoration and the second one is restoration using ceramic veneers or crows. Our clinic uses only high quality and modern materials. For more information contact us and sign up for a consultation. Consultation is free.

Hello, dental clinic network “Dens” is equipped with EMS Master Piezon technology that has a “NO PAIN” function, which provides additional comfort for the patient. For instance: During the teeth cleaning the water is heated to match the temperature of the mouth cavity for patients with cold sensitive teeth and makes the procedure painless.

Hello, teeth’s whitening is possible with 2 methods:
Laser whitening – Is conducted with 1 visit, in the dental chair.
Chemical whitening – Takes from 5 to 10 days, requires procedures at home.

Hello, pediatric dentistry is an independent specialty and requires special approach. The pediatric department in dental clinic “DENS” has already been serving children and adolescents from 6 months to 16 years for 15 years. Pediatric dentistry requires special materials and methods chosen by pediatric dentist depending on the age of the child.

Hello, our clinic has implemented the latest standard for sterilization. The patients as well as the medical personnel are 100% safe during treatment. Instruments used during the treatment are stored in disposable sterile packages. The package is opened only when the patient is present. Saliva extractors, Syringes, Veils are all disposable and changed on every patient. Before the treatment of each patient, the surface of dental drills and dental chairs are processed using a disinfection solution. The medical personnel are equipped with personal protective equipment: Latex gloves, cap, protective glasses and etc.

The clinic implements the sorting of used medical equipment and utilization by special service, which promotes environmental protection. The clinic has a functional department of disease control and quality control, which regularly inspects the effectiveness of sterilization and introduces innovations in this specialty.