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Tech lab

Our high-tech laboratories allow us to produce full-fledged high-quality materials and materials for technical works in the shortest possible time.

which includes:

  • Bradent’s prosthesis
  • Metal-ceramic crown
  • Metal-ceramic crown on the implant
  • Cerconoceramic crown on the implant
  • Kappa
  • Plate
  • Zirconia veneer
  • Preceramic veneer
  • Temporary Acre crown
  • Zircon crown
  • Metal frame on the implant milling
  • Metal frame tab
  • collapsible tab
  • Plate prosthesis one jaw
  • Partial denture with (VITA) set
  • Microprosthesis Bradent
  • Individual Spoon


It is also possible to perform work in an accelerated manner in the laboratory, contact us for details: 032 259 95 99