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Dental implantation means insertion of an artificial tooth in the place of a missing one, which will replicate the shape and color and restore the function and aesthetics of the said missing tooth. The implant is inserted in place of the missing or removed tooth, into the jaw bone, which will carry the function of a root.
The implant is made from materials that form an intimate bond with the bone and create one whole tissue. Implants can restore from one to thirty two teeth. However it is not necessary to get the same amount of implants as the teeth we are trying to restore.

Net of Dental clinic DENS has been conducting successful dental implant surgeries for 20 years. The main company our clinic cooperates with is Swiss brand “Straumann”, the №1 brand in the world. “Straumann” provides:

  • Implants made with special material “Roxolid”, which is the most durable material
  • Implants with SLActive surface, which makes fixation of permanent teeth in 1 month possible
  • Implants with a perfect space between the crown and the implant – which protects gum from inflammation
  • Implants with a perfect link between the implant and the crown – which protects the crown from loosening and dropping out.

Our patients have a chance to choose implants of different brands like Dentium, MIS, SGS, Breadent and so forth.

Implant surgery planning starts with computed tomography; it is also possible to use a surgical guide (template), which makes surgery without incision possible and maximizes the precision of the surgical.