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Standartd of 100% Sterilization

Net of Dental clinic “Dens” has implemented the newest sterilization standards. During the service, both, the patient and the medical personnel are fully safe.

Sterilization process is implemented as follows:

Every instrument goes through high quality chemical disinfection,
after which they are packed in disposable packages and are further sterilized with a 5th generation autoclave. After the autoclaving process is done the package changes color, which according to the international standards is a marker for 100% sterilization .

Every package is opened directly before the treatment in front of every patient.

The working surface of the dental drill, floors and walls are all sterilized with disinfectant solutions,
prior to admission of each patient.

Disposable protective coatings used during the treatment are discarded after the admission of each patient:

  • Gloves
  • Veils
  • Saliva-ejector
  • Kofferdams
  • Dental retractor
  • Insulin syringes
  • Monoject (Disposable dental injector)
  • Scalpels

Our clinic has implemented the sorting of used medical materials and utilization of special services for that matter, which promotes environmental protection.

Our clinic also has functional infection control and quality management services, which regularly examines the effectiveness of sterilization and promotes innovations in this sphere.