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Nino Janelidze

Nino Janelidze

Surgeon in pediatric


1999-2004 Tbilisi State Medical University (the qualification of Stomatologist)
2004-2005 Tbilisi  kids and adult #1 dental clinic – Pediatric dentist resident
2005 State certificate #002246 – Pediatric Dentist
2011 State certificate #008525 – Dentist Therapist
2012 State certificate #Surgeon in Pediatric Dentistry


2005 – till today DENS Dental Clinic’s Network –  Dentist therapist, Pediartic dentist, Surgeon in pediatric dentistry, head of the pediatric dentistry section, I also lead a residency program in Pediatric Dentistry

Member of GSA
Member of GAPD
Member of GAP

Conferences \ Trainings

14 December, 2013 – has ayyended “Arculation and occlusion, Work with articulator and joint disfunction”  Tbilisi, Georgia
26-28 September, 2013 – has attended the 11 th International Conference “Modern Technologies in Endodontics” Kyiv, Ukraine
27 September, 2013 – has attended Endodontic nads-on “Protaper Next. Wave.One” Kyiv, Ukraine
7 April, 2013 – “Art of teeth modeling” Tbilisi, Georgia
5 April, 2013 – “Modeling of frontal teeth from and topography with biomimetics conception” Tbilisi, Georgia
15-17 February, 2013 – has participated in Georgian Young Dentists Society’s V th International Dental Winter Seminar “Bakuriani 2013” Bakuriani, Georgia
24 March, 2012 – has successfully completed a full course of “Alergic Reactions In Dental Practice” Tbilisi, Georgia
11 February, 2012 – has successfully completed a full course of Master-Class: Core build-up for further tooth esthetic restoration Tbilisi, Georgia
28 October, 2011 – for attendance of a traning course on dental conservation using the equipment, materials and techniques of “Dentsplay International”, Training Centre “Apollonia” Poltava, Ukraine
8 October, 2011 –has participated in recognition of their commitment to continuing educational development for betterdentistry
8-9 Jully, 2011 – Attended the VII International Congress of Georgian Stomatological Association Batumi, Georgia
30.04-01.05, 2011 – has participated in RADIX 1 st Intarnational Dental Congress Tbilisi, Georgia
18-21 Mart, 2011 – Seminar “Interesting Clinical cases in Dentistry and topical issues of sterilization. Tbilisi, Bakuriani, Georgia
13 February, 2011 – Seminar – “The Art of Patient Trust”, Tbilisi State Medical University Iv. Tarkhnishvili Students’ Scientific Society Tbilisi, Georgia
17-12 December, 2010- has participated in the Dental Competition  Tbilisi, Georgia
29-05 May, 2010 – in recognition of successful completion of “Establishing a prognosis for aesthetic success in anterior restorations” Tbilisi, Georgia
12.05 May, 2010 – Lecture „The use of laser technology in dentistry“  Tbilisi, Georgia
23-25 April, 2010 – for participating in the Seminar and Master-Class on Clinical Endodontics Tbilisi, Georgia
4-5  December, 2009 – for participating in the Seminar and Master-Class “Modern Technologies in Endodontic Treatment” Tbilisi, Georgia
24-25 April, 2009 – has successfully completed a traning course on Clinical Endodontics Conducted at Tbilisi State Medical University
2008 წ. 04.11 Lectures “Artistic Restoration of Frontal Teeth” and “Teeth ცვეთა” Dentsply. Tbilisi, Georgia
11-13 October, 2007 – for participating in the International Conference “Dental-Tbilisoba 2007” of Georgian Stomatological Association and FDI Dental Continuing Education Program
6-8 July, 2006 – has participated at the Georgian Stomatological Association’s International Congress which was held in Batumi


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