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Endodontic Therapy (canal treatment)

Canal treatment or Endodontic therapy is conducted in dental clinic “Dens” with equipment and materials of the highest quality.

The process is:

  • Painless and comfortable for the patient
  • Fast – The use of an EndoPilot provides that the process takes minimum amount of time
  • Guaranteed – Correct filling of teeth and canals which will help the tooth retain its function (10 years and more)

Endodontic therapy is conducted in cases of Caries, Pulpitis (Nerve inflammation), Periodontitis and Tooth trauma (Fractures).
The damage caused by Caries often goes deep into the tooth sometimes even reaching the nerve. In this case treatment is mandatory. Pulpitis – Nerve inflammation is characterized with acute and chronic pains. Pain attacks occur suddenly and are unbearable. Canal treatment is mandatory in this case.

Periodontitis – is an inflammation which occurs on the peak of the tooth’s root and is characterized with dull and chronic pains. The pain increases when pressure is applied on the damaged tooth. Canal treatment is mandatory in this case as well.

Materials: X smart, VDW, Reciproc system.