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Residency in Therapy

The DENS chain is the largest dental enterprise in Georgia, represented by 5 clinics in 3 cities.

We are proud of our 17 doctors who, upon successful completion of their residency program, received an offer from dental clinic DENS, accepted it and are now happily employed with us.

DENS dental clinic proposes Therapeutic Residency program for already 9 years.

  • Training duration – 11 months;
  • Theoretical knowledge – 4 months;
  • Practice – 9 months;
  • Full-time employment under monthly evaluation for highest rated residents – 2 months.

The training involves:

  • Active use of the Kofferdam system;
  • Use of EMS Air-Flow Master Piezon, a cutting edge Swiss device, for parodontological procedures such as dental prophylaxis;
  • Use of Endo motors (such as Coxo 5-mode system) for root canal treatments;
  • Use of portable visiographs, oral cameras and apex locators;
  • Use of aesthetic fillings for dental repair (Profill , Filtek Z- 250, Filtek Ultimate, etc.);
  • Free attendance of internal master classes conducted by highly qualified and experienced dentists;
  • Employment of modern European parodontological methods, becoming acquainted with the Florida Probe device, attendance and assistance with parodontological procedures;
  • Attendance and assistance with implantation procedures;
  • Opportunity of employment as a dentist assistant as desired;
  • 6-month internship at one of DENS dental clinics for successful residents;
  • Professional training in pediatric therapeutic dentistry;
  • Full-time employment for the most successful graduate.

For additional information and open days, call and email: 0341 25 57 55 / +995 995 571 16 76 89 /