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Mariami Kveliashvili

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Mariami Kveliashvili



2010 -2015(Georgia)  Tbilisi Grigol Robakidze State University, faculty of dentistry
2016-2017(Georgia) TSSU Apolon Urushadze dental clinic, specialization orthodontist (resident)

Work Experience

2017- till today  Dentist-Orthodontist at Dental Clinic DENS.


2.02-3.02.2019 – Prof. Dr.Sergei Popov. Course – Evolution of Achieving Successful Result. Biomechanics in Orthodontic Practice: Past and Present  (Tbilisi,Georia)
23.02.2019  –Prof. Dr. John Bennett – Orthodontic Treatment of Class III malocclusions. (Tbilisi,Georgia)
12.05.2018 – Prof. Dr. Alladin Sabbagh  – Orthodontic workshop . Efficient Interdisciplinary treatment focused  on TMD and the Aqua-balance-Concept.
18-06 19.06.2018 – Prof .Dr .Domingo Martin – Current Concepts in Contemporary Orthodontics. (Tbilisi,Georgia)
26.10.2018 – Georgian Association of Periodontology.  Attanded of Parodontologic congress “Perio Tbilisi 2018”. (Tbilisi, Georgia)
27.10.2018  –  Prof. Dr. Olga Arsenina . Orthodontic Workshop –  Use of elasto correctors  treatment guidelines and indications. (Tbilisi, Georgia)
3.11.2017 – Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology -UAP – Interdisciolinary Management of Complex Cases. (Ukraine,Kiev)
4.11.2017 – Prof. Dr. Inigo Gomez Bollain-  UAP – Master-Class of orthodontics in multidisciplinary treatments. (Ukraine,Kiev)
21.05.2016 – Georgian Orthodontic Association   Prof. Dr. Tatiana Vilenova (Angle  Class III – ” The Bermuda Triangle” for the novice orthodontist. The differential diagnostics, features of the facial skeleton formation, clinic, treatment: maxillofacial orthopedics or dentoalveolar compensatior.  (Tbilisi,Georgia)
26.05.2016 – Georgian Dental Professional Association – Parodontium and oral cavity mucosa diseases and diode laser. (Tbilisi,Georgia)
1.06.2016 – Georgian Association of Periofontology – Spring Session Conference. 3M Health care Academy – International Conference New Dental Technology. (Tbilisi,Georgia)
02.05 – 03.05.2015 -Tbilisi 5th International Dental Congress. (Tbilisi,Georgia)
01.11.15 – Gerogian Association of Periodontology . (Autumn session Conference of Georgian Association of Periodontology about “Laser use in Periodontology). (Tbilisi,Georgia)
11.07. – 13.07.2014 – Georgian Dental Alliance –  (Second Dental Congress 2014 Georgia-Ukranine).


Mobile: +995 551596173