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About us

The dental clinic network “DENS” was founded in 1998 and nowadays has 5 branches on the Georgian market. The clinic has over two decades of expertise with implantation, is equipped with cutting-edge digital technologies, has a technical laboratory equipped with modern equipment, and adheres to the most stringent sterilization standards. It is worth noting that “DENS” has a Department of Periodontology, which is headed by Dr. Lali Kochiashvili, President of the “Association of Periodontists” | Geoperio.

The association is a member of the European Federation of Periodontists and therefore all treatment standards at the clinic comply with international guidelines.

DENS Mission

Provide safe and high-quality services to patients while complying to modern standards.

DENS Vision

Introduce modern treatment standards/methods in Georgia and make them more accessible to patients.

DENS Core Values

It is essential for the brand to grow and sustain the level of patient satisfaction achieved via modern, safe, and high-quality service. DENS delivers high-quality medical services based on the brand values in the Georgian market with professionalism, patient care, and full engagement from each department. DENS’s advantage is that it employs the most qualified personnel on the market and utilizes the state-of-the-art technical equipment, which is critical in dentistry.