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David Japaridze

David Japaridze



2018 – Course of Practical and Theoretical Studies in Aesthetic Dentistry, Ivoclar Viv dent Training Center, Ellengane (Germany)
2014-2015 Dental Clinic Network Dens, prosthodontics Dentistry (Residency)
2008-2013 Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Stomatology (Bachelor)

work experience

Dental Clinic Network Dens, Doctor-prosthodontics 2015
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Georgian Parodontologists Association, 2015
2019  Member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)
2019 – The Head of Postgraduate training (prosthodontics Residency) of Conservative Dentistry at „ DENS – Dental Clinic’s Network”

Conferences and seminars

2019 the master class Cem Ildiz  a lecture master organized by Straumann
2019 The Master Class Algidas Puiys, a lecture master organized by Straumann.
2019 The Master Class, Straumann Days, José Souza, organized by Stramann
2018 The company company Syrona organized by Igor Denisov.
2018 Lecture Master Class, Dmitry Chorn’s Lecture organized by Company Cao.
2018 Dmitry Company’s lecture master class
Seminar, Armenia organized by Bredent in 2018
Master class of digital dentistry organized by DENTSply-sirona in 2017
Master class of lecture organized by Zimmer dental by 2017
2016 4th International Dental Congress “Georgia-Ukraine” 27-31 / 16 (Batumi, Georgia)
2016 01.06 (Batumi, Georgia) Spring Conference of Georgian Parodontologists Spring Spring.
2016 13-15 / 06 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Lecture Master class organized by BREDENT
2016 14.05 (Tbilisi, Georgia) The 4th International Dental Implantation Congress of Implantologists of Georgia.
2016 19.03 (Kakheti, Georgia) Regional Conference of Georgian Parodontologists Association.
2016 07-08 / 05 (Tbilisi, Georgia) The Radisson 6th International Congress.
2016 27.02 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Winter Conference of Parodontologists Association of Georgia
2015 06/15 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Zaza Khatiashvili Dental Center – Dental Photography and Digital Smile Design for Digital Success Design
2015 30/10 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Master class of lecture organized by Zhermack Educational.
2015 27/11 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Conference organized by the Association of Georgian Stomatologists and Dental Center Albius, “Implantation of Implantal Treatment, Complex Rehabilitation of Patients with Most Ceramic Structures”
2015 17.07-18.07 (Batumi, Georgia) 11th International Congress of Georgian Dentists Association.
2015 25.03 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Lecture organized by ULTRADENT.
2015 07-08 / 15 (Tbilisi, Georgia) International Congress of Implantology Professional Development League, International Dental Congress.
2015 03-04 / 11 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Conference “Soft Tissue Management” organized by Georgian Association of Dentist and Georgian Implantologists
2014 08-10 / 12 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Lecture Master class organized by CANDULOR and NEW LINE DENTAL.
2014 26-27 / 04 (Tbilisi, Georgia) The 2nd International Dental Implantation Congress of Implantologists of Georgia.
2014 12/10 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Dental Implantation Course, Dental Clinic Network Dens.
2013 26-27 / 01 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Lecture Master-class in Dental Implantology organized by Alphabio Company.
2010 24/05 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Conference “Aesthetic Aesthetic” organized by the European Medical Students’ Association.
2009 29/05 (Tbilisi, Georgia) 2nd Scientific Conference of Young Dentist of Georgia.
2008 26/12 (Tbilisi, Georgia) Scientific Conference of Young Dentist Society of Georgia