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Professional teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning in dental clinic “Dens” is conducted with modern technology named GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) method. The method was implemented in 2015 by “European Federation of Periodontology” and is deemed best in the whole world.

By using this method:

  • Gums, Tongue and the soft tissues of the oral cavity are safe
  • All surfaces of teeth including links between teeth are 100% cleaned
  • Ceramic, Veneers and Teeth filling are safe from scratch marks
  • Baby teeth are safe (The cleaning is done from 2 years of age)
  • Implants are safe and effectively cleaned
  • Braces and Bridges are effectively cleaned

Dental clinic “Dens” is equipped with Master Piezon technology made by EMS, which has a “No Pain” function and further increases the comfort for the patient, for example: During the cleaning process water is heated up to the temperature of the patients oral cavity, which provides a painless procedure for patients with teeth sensitive to cold water.

Oral cavity cleaning is now very comfortable and wholesome with GBT method.