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Re-mineralization of teeth

The re-mineralization of the hard tissue is known as one of the most effective and natural ways for preventing caries. Re-mineralization of teeth is the process of restoring the enamel’s normal structure and its mineral composition. It protects teeth from decay.

  • Re-mineralization is useful in the first stages of tooth decay, when it’s possible to treat this disease without filling.
  • Is helpful for decreasing the teeth’s sensitivity
  • Re-mineralization is a necessary procedure after teeth whitening, so the teeth restore the lost minerals.

Teeth require calcium, phosphorus and fluorine. Their ingestion is recommended from 2 years so teeth become durable and healthy. It is advised to use tooth pastes that contain substances that protect and strengthen enamel like: calcium, phosphorus, fluorides, strontium, zinc and others.

Re-mineralization is very effective when it is conducted with special gum shields and gels, which is prescribed by pediatric dentist. Procedures are done at home for a period of 1 month with periodic breaks.