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Dental filling (Caries treatment)

Our dentists pay special attention to children. The first visit is very important so the child patient is psychologically prepared and gained trust of the dentist so future visits and procedures go without any stress to the child.

Visits for children are planned individually. The treatment goes very fast (15-20 min.) but the visits are frequent and with high intervals.

Primary (baby) teeth treatment is also important because:

  • Teeth that are damaged with caries, which are incapable of fully chewing the food, can cause gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Caries can turn into a complicated disease in children that can cause abscess and phlegmon (acute inflammation of both jaws)
  • Caries can become a reason for intensive pain
  • Inflammation caused by caries can lead to increase of body temperature
  • Caries can lead to early teeth extraction, which in future causes malocclusion (misalignment of teeth)
  • Primary (baby) teeth damaged by caries can cause damage to permanent teeth

To encourage child patients we use colored fillings – pink, yellow, blue and others.
These kind of teeth encourage children and makes visit to the dentist fun.

All procedures are pain free. Often conducted under local anesthesia (pain-killers), which protects child patients from pain and future psychological trauma.

After the treatment we always award children with certificates and toys, so their heroic behavior becomes an example to other children.