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Child prophylaxis program

Net of Dental Clinic “Dens” introduced a Swiss prophylaxis standard, which allows to completely avoid children from Caries and Periodontal diseases. Children and teenagers from 6 months to 16 years can apply for the program.

The program implies:

  • Primary inspection and convalescence (Sanitation) of the oral cavity;
  • Conduction of preventive measures;
  • Planning of prophylactic visits;
  • Guarantee that Caries will not develop (If necessary free treatment of Caries)

If the program is thoroughly fulfilled, in almost 100% of the cases, the child is protected from Caries. Rarely, if teeth are damaged from Caries the clinic will provide treatment free of charge.

By using this prophylaxis system in Switzerland the rate of Caries was reduced up to 4%. Dental Clinic “Dens” also provides Georgian patients to have healthy teeth for the rest of their life.

To apply to the prophylactic program you need to visit the dental consultation.